Emerald Queen Farms
SUN grown, FUN grown by family and friends in Humboldt County
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How we work

Farm life

Farming is a good educational opportunity for our kids. It was our dream to be able to stay at home with our kids and make a living. So far, we’ve been able to have a family business and spend a lot of time as a family on the farm for the whole experience. 

Sungrown in native soil

We take care to practice sustainable farming. For example, we implement cover crops between the beds and after harvest, replenishing nitrogen and organic matter. We grow our crops in native soils, only amended with compost, peat and rice hulls. We’ve also set up a tank system to catch water in the winter and store water from our licensed stream diversions.


We really believe that having a space where we can recreate on the farm and stretch out the body is so important.  It’s a great way for our kids to build self-confidence. Everyone promotes everyone else, whether they’re learning a new trick or striving to improve. It’s such a positive community activity. 


Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. EQF finds terroir evident in our cannabis flowers, growing high-grade clones and in-house breed seed genetics in southern exposed skies of Eastern Humboldt. We produce flower and we collaborate with Papa & Barkley and Nasha Hash for award-winning solventless products.